Stephanie Gosk Bike Accident | NBC News

Stephanie Gosk Bike Accident | NBC News

Stephanie Gosk is encouraging the public to take trekking safety seriously after suffering a fatal fall during a mass ride a month ago.

“Extremely anxious that morning, I set off with the lead group. I shouldn’t be riding with them,” the author admitted in an article for, as he 65 with his fellow cycling fans. Agreed with Mel’s incredible ride.


“By the time we got to mile eight, I had collapsed,” she continued. “It was just destroying a slope, taking a look at the riders in front and not paying attention that I hit it – a hole found Hagel’s bicycle in front of my awning, I stressed. slid down to the floor, hit my head, and covered my face.”

As she hit the ground, neighbors in the New Jersey suburb immediately called 911 for her. As we have also write  Abby Lucero Car Accident in which will read out what happened with Abby Lucero.

Gosk Bike Accident

One police officer even told Gosk that he had “karma on his side” given his speed and the severity of the fall.

Gosk agreed that she was “extraordinarily lucky” not to have been left with additional serious injuries, and plans to ride again once her thumb heals. stephanie gosk bike accident was really very shocked.

“I should be scared, [her daughter] Harper shared with me, ‘Maybe you should do Peloton, Mom, Gosk told TODAY with a laugh. “He’s thinking about his years. Still, I’ll be back, I love it.


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