Pittsburg woman killed in car crash accident in Missouri

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KLTV) released the death news of a woman from Pittsburg and two other Texas residents. It was mid-January when they passed away in a car accident. — A Pittsburgh woman was killed in a wrong-way accident earlier. Now we will discuss ky3 news car accident today

ky3 news car accident today

Sharon Rancher, 69, of Pittsburgh, Ukena Rancher, 45, of Dallas, and Stephen Figgins, 61, of Missouri City, passed on in the accident.

  • Sharon Rancher, 69, of Pittsburgh.
  • Ukena Farmer, 45, of Dallas.
  • Stephen Figgins, 61, of Missouri.

According to sister station KY3, the three relatives with other relatives also were harmed in the accident.

A driver who called 911 about the incorrect way driver Lamech Alexander was almost there.

Springfield police answered a call about a driver, Steven Jordan, 65, of Republic, Mo., going westbound in the eastbound lanes of James River Freeway near National Avenue, it was around 1 a.m. of night. Unfortunately, his pickup truck hit the victims and Ford Expedition head-on near West Bypass. Police thought inebriation was the figure of the accident. It was all about ky3 news car accident today.

ky3 crash reports

As per sister station KY3, Springfield police answered a call with respect to a driver, Steven Jordan, 65, of Republic, Mo., going westward in the eastward paths of James Waterway Expressway close to Public Road around 1 a.m. His pickup truck hit the casualties Passage Undertaking head-on close to West Sidestep. Police thought inebriation was a figure the accident. Police say three others inside the Undertaking experienced basic wounds.

Alexander said that i was talking about one person who was seriously injured or killed rather than an SVU of eight people. So, Alexander said he was going to move around Friday morning. “According to my vision, there were headlights on the highway. He also said that a car towed, they had their headlights ON. They swerved at the last second and drove head-on into the SUV, dead bodies appeared in accident. The pulling of bodies out of the SUV was really difficult,”

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