Death Notices Wellington - Eunice Wellington (1921-2014)

Death Notices Wellington – Eunice Wellington (1921-2014) Obituary News

It is a death notices Wellington related to Eunice Wellington who passed away on July 20, 2014.

Death Notice Wellington

Eunice Wellington

BORN :     December 25, 1921

DEATH :   July 20, 2014

  On December 25, 1921, Eunice Wellington was born, in the country of United Kingdom. She was a member of the Royal Ballet of England country. She was also a member of the English Navy force in World War II, before coming to the US (United States).

Eunice Wellington was a much beloved and regarded Master yoga teacher. Similarly, she was a loved mother and friend to her students. Her extraordinary commitment to the lives of her many students is a tribute to her gifted skill from God, as a teacher of all aspects of hatha yoga. Her devotion to her family and friends is immeasurable – a testament, most importantly, to her each extending of heart,

Eunice was a lovely being who established a deep impression on the hearts and lives of so many people. She had a powerful inner strength that guided her in navigating through life’s many ups and downs. She will be remembered beyond words.


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Eunice passed away in Boca Raton, Florida on July 20, 2014. She is made due by her two kids named as well as:

1) Susan Wellington Surface

2) Patrick Wellington

Susan Wellington Surface resides in Encinitas, California.

Patrick Wellington lives in Maui, Hawaii.

The people who knew and adored her send her off on an expanse of affection, with profound appreciation for her presence in their lives.

 God Bless You, Eunice!

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