Accident on the a46

Accident on the a46

There was a bad car crash last week on the A46. We’ve seen this accident happen on the A46, alongside the A1/A52 on Sunday night, you’ll see why.


A large hauler was heading towards Bingham when a motorcyclist, going the other way (thus unsuccessfully!) tried to overtake three vehicles and misjudged it. The accident was very scary as we had never seen an accident like this on the A41 before.


Real incident

Thus, the bike collided head-on with the front of Artic. Incredibly, he withstood the impact, estimated at over 140 mph. The bicycle cleared the front guard, the driver’s fog light, the driver’s step, and the tire before it was too far under the wheels of the car in front, not knowing how to sink.


We’ve seen the photos of the driver involved (a colleague) who was in a sensitive case and it’s a bit of a mess. Just goes to show you can drive however you want and out of the blue, you can be involved in a near fatality.


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We should be careful while driving and also on the road. As our life is more important than anything else.


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